Friday, 01 October 2004, 15:49:25 EDT

Tradition. Tradition is defined as "a specific practice of long standing." Tradition is what the Jack Daniel's Black Label stood for. I say "stood for" because it no longer means anything near the definition of tradition. With no prior warning, not even so much as a press release, the corporation that now runs the iconic distillery has lowered the proof from 86 to 80; or, 40% alcohol by volume instead of 43%. My room mate told me about it yesterday but I refused to believe it. Sadly, he was correct. You can read all about it over at Modern Drunkard Magazine. The provide a link to an online petition that hopes to change the companies mind; my signature is number 4,370. According to the company that runs the distillery they lowered the proof because they feel people like a less potent drink today. I drink Black Label because I like the taste of it and the potentcy of it; I know what I am getting in to when I buy a bottle of it. If I want to drink a "less potent" drink I will get a bottle of Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay or something. I don't konw if I will participate in the boycott other than to have signed the petition but I am certainly not pleased with the decision to lower the proof. Sure, it is a small amount but if it isn't broken then don't fix it.