Wednesday, 01 September 2004, 21:57:10 EDT

I would like to thank everyone who wished my birthday well yesterday. I was greeted with "happy birthday" just about every where I went and that was strange for me as it has not happened in a long time. It is odd how such a small thing can make a day better. That and the time spent with friends Saturday evening was certainly a good end to my twenty-fifth year. Yes, that is right, I have lived a quarter century now; it is amazing how quickly the time is starting to pass.

Any way, let's get on with the geek portion of the post shall we? It seems that Firefox is slated to reach version 1.0 on October 11. This release is going to incorporate some really nice new features. If you are not yet using Firefox I don't know what is wrong with you. The browser is really living up to its namesake (it used to be called Phoenix) - it is rising from the ashes of Netscape and setting the bar for web browsing applications. No, it isn't perfect but it is far better than the current market leader. If Opera had left the extremely slow theming support out of the 7.x series I probably wouldn't be writing this.


Holy shit; man! Happy Birthday! I had no idea. And I am looking forward to the next Firefox, too.

Posted by Jonathan G. on Wednesday, 01 September 2004, 23:27:04 EDT.