Thursday, 19 August 2004, 23:09:39 EDT

Slow month here I know. It is probably just the end of the year blues as the end of my year is coming up very soon. Or, it could be that I just haven't had much to write about. Jonathan links to my site saying it is a very technical place and that is the way I like it. So, when I am not really doing anything interesting, technically, or reading about interesting things I don't post much.

Lately I have been doing some new stuff at work. Mainly, I have gotten to try my hand at wiring data closets. Some would say it is an insanely tedious and boring job. I can see that; but, if you are working alone and allowed to go at your own pace it can be a very acceptable task. To clarify, when I say "wiring data closets" I mean plugging patch cables from patch panel to switch and fitting them in the wire manager. I must have done at least 700 ports this past week or so and I evidently did a good job. Everyone who saw my work said as much. However, the true test came today when the closet nazi had the time to take a look at the closets I worked on. Evidently the words used to describe my work were "he is my new closet boy." I would post some pictures of what I did but they are not that exciting and rather blurry. Today I had to go back and document which patch cable relates which port on the switch to which port on the patch panel. Doing it the way I did it made the documenting a snap. When I got to the only closet that is undocumented and was not done by me I found out just how badly it can suck if it isn't done right. The people that were asked to do it, novices with computers in the first place, did a very poor job. Cables were out of order and haphazardly stuck in the wire manager. It was so confusing I decided to call it unacceptable and will be redoing it myself tomorrow. It was going to be redone eventually as the aforementioned nazi, I am a nazi about many things myself, also found the work to be less than adequate.


This begs the obvious question: You've come out of the closet for good?

Posted by Jonathan G. on Friday, 20 August 2004, 11:57:16 EDT.