Tuesday, 03 August 2004, 22:49:09 EDT

Out with the old in with the...old? Doom 3, one of the most hyped and anticipated games ever, came out today. Being that a demo will not be available for some time yet I went ahead and bootlegged a leak of it and played it last yesterday. I am very happy that I did not spend $54.99 on this game as I have found it to be the same as its predecessors just with better graphics. This thread on Slashdot accurately describes the game and its shortcomings. While the thread starter got bored with the game after an hour I gave it thirty minutes more before I turned it off. I have not had any desire to play it since then. That does not bespeak a good game; a good game is one where you look forward to the next time you have available to play it. Unreal Tournament 2004 was like that for me and still is to some extent. The Doom3 engine has promise but the game they wrapped around it to demo it does not captivate me in the least. If you like linear predictable game play then you will love this game. If you like a gaming experience that can change every time you start up the game then don't bother. Just wait until October for GTA: San Andreas to come out.

Unrelated to gaming, I found an awesome quote at bash.org today. I liked it so much I turned it in to a shirt. As I was "making" the shirt I had an idea that I might like to create one every so often and make it available to purchase. I think I would only make a profit of $1.00 on that shirt if you were to purchase it and that seems fair enough to me. What do you all think? Would you like to see a limited run of random shirts such as this? I can only create one item of each type that cafepress.com offers so each shirt would be replaced by the next. *shrug* I don't know; it seems nifty to me. Hell, if I wanted the shirt I would have to buy it myself.


You not liking it makes perfect sense. Everyone has their opinions. But the game is exactly what it's been advertised to be for the past two years.

Posted by William on Wednesday, 04 August 2004, 1:22:08 EDT.

The game seems to be a Half-life of 2004. It has a survival horror plot. Parts of the game are very well scripted, and the overall mood of the game is tense and disturbing.

I like the detail of the level design the best though.

Excellent game though, a good buy for $30 - 40.

Posted by Mr Frosti on Monday, 09 August 2004, 13:22:00 EDT.

ps, what do the T shirts say?

Posted by Mr Frosti on Monday, 09 August 2004, 13:22:27 EDT.

Ermmm, if you click on the "view larger images" link on the store page it will show you the full size PNGs used to create the t-shirt.

Posted by James Sumners on Friday, 20 August 2004, 23:35:53 EDT.