Sunday, 01 August 2004, 22:16:00 EDT

Since it is the first of the month I should make a post to get the page rolling. I have finally finished moving and will be doing the move out inspection in the old place tomorrow morning. I don't think it is going to be too bad as nothing we did goes beyond normal wear and tear; the neighbors upstairs though, that is a completely different matter. Speaking of which, it is so nice to be upstairs where things of that nature are not a problem. I just hope that I don't do all of the things that have annoyed me in the past to annoy my neighbors downstairs.

As per usual, moving has cost me a small fortune. I had to have a washer and dryer but didn't want to take my father's as he would need them when he gets back from Michigan. So, I bought a basic washer and a basic dryer from Sears. I am happy with them; especially the dryer because it actually dries clothes. No more guessing how much longer to leave the clothes in the dryer. I also decided to get a new vacuum cleaner. I needed to be able to vacuum in my old apartment to make it presentable for tomorrow and I couldn't find any bags for the vacuum my mother had given me. I decided that I just don't want to fool with this having to buy bags, and then a new vacuum when they stop making the bags, thing nor deal with the vacuum not vacuuming when the bag gets the slightest bit of dust in it. To solve these problems I just threw caution, more like reason and money, to the wind and bought a Dyson DC07. This thing is absolutely amazing. It is very quiet and picks up an astounding amount of dirt and dust. Not only that but it is easy to clean and use. To empty the bin you just press a simple button to remove it from the vacuum and then pull a lever to drop the bottom open. I am not going to full out review this thing since all of the information on their site is adequate and accurate. I will just say that if you want a vacuum that is worth its price then this one is worth the investment.

I am also digging my new connection. When I moved my DSL subscription to my new apartment I had Speedfactory go ahead and move it over to the 3.0Mb/s circuit. It is the same price as the previous connection with all of the same features except one. The previous connection was a routed connection and this one uses PPPoE. So far I have had no problems with the PPPoE connection as Speedfactory does not cycle connections like other DSL providers. The speed is really great; it peaks at about 630KB/s and maintains 320KB/s (downstream). The added outgoing bandwidth is also really nice as I can actually send files now and still surf the web (or whatever).