Thursday, 29 July 2004, 15:13:54 EDT

At first I was skeptical. At first I thought it was just another scam meant to attract the morons of the internet. I had seen it spammed all over orkut and random websites the past couple of days. Then, today, I was sent a link that changed my mind. So, I decided to head over to and give it a shot. I made sure to read the priavcy policy and the terms of agreement, which I had to use Internet Explorer to do before proceeding. Evidently, they will only send you emails and the device you chose, provided you get the required refferals. Since that is okay with me I initially tried to proceed with a address but they have those address filtered and will not allow them. So, I headed over to and made an account just for this little adventure. I then proceeded to fill out the registration. In order to get a free iPod you have to complete one of their sponsors' offers and have five other people do so. I decided to do the AOL offer; it is one of the two offers that do not not cost you a single penny to do. The other free offer requires you to create an eBay account and place one bid. I did that one as well, as it is easy to make a bid that quickly gets outbid, but have not been notified that the offer process on that one has completed. It took a few hours for the AOL offer to be marked as completed. The AOL offer requires you to sign up for AOL Broadband with one month free, it can be canceled at any time, and sign on to the service at least once.

I realize that what I am proposing here sounds too good to be true but evidently it is. All I am asking is that five of you, there has to be at least that many that read this, do this and use my referer link. After you have done so if you would please post a reply to this so that people know how many have done this in my name that would be great. You could even post your referer link in the post so that after I reach five people someone could possibly use yours. What have you got to loose? The worst that could happen is you have wasted a little time and the best is that you can get one of the newly released twenty gigabyte iPods for free. I say give it a shot.


I signed up. If 5 people sign up with his, please use mine. :)

Posted by William on Thursday, 29 July 2004, 23:12:25 EDT.


Here is some futher information about how to cancel the AOL trial once you get your confirmation from about the offer being complete:

Posted by James Sumners on Thursday, 29 July 2004, 23:16:49 EDT.