Monday, 26 July 2004, 16:11:01 EDT

I am about half way finished moving in to my new apartment. Jay spent a great majority of the day moving almost all of my heavy or awkward stuff. It took a lot longer to take my futon out to my grandparent's and exchange it for the bed I was using out there than I anticipated but we still made it back to Morrow in time to pick up my washer and dryer from Sears. We managed to get enough of my stuff moved in and set up that I was able to stay the night in the new place and I must say that I am pleased. I didn't have to listen to a kid running track upstairs, I am on the top floor for a change, or any other noise that would keep me awake. I didn't get to sleep until about 1:30AM and still woke up at 7:30AM feeling a lot better than I have any other mornings (excepting when I would sleep on a real bed at my grandparent's house). I think I am really going to like this place. The bedroom is much bigger than any room I have had before and the general apartment is quite a step up from my previous apartments. Once James and I get the apartment set up the way we want it I will post some pictures.

In other news, a website was brought to my attention today that does a good job of pointing out some of George W. Bush's shortcomings (for lack of a more gentle word). The site is Reasons to Dispatch Bush. All the site does is list eighty-one, at this time, facts about Bush, his actions, and the actions of those he associates himself with. I say they are facts because each one has at least one source linked or listed to back up the statement. I had no idea that he is such a bigot and racist. There is absolutely no way this foul representation of the United States will get my vote come November. I would vote for Bill Watterson before I would vote for this pathetic individual. Just look at items five, thirteen, fifteen, twenty-one, twenty-six, twenty-seven, thirty-two, thirty-five, forty-three, forty-nine, fifty-three, fifty-seven, sixty, sixty-one, sixty-three, sixty-seven, and seventy-eight for clear examples of what I am saying. I have never voted before but if I never vote again I am voting against Bush this coming November.