Monday, 05 July 2004, 21:39:25 EDT

Yesterday I went out to Covington to spend the fourth with an old friend as I do every fourth of July. We went swimming in the river down the road as we usually do. About an hour after we got back to the house my ear started hurting really badly and I had to go home early because I just couldn't hang out in such pain and be good company. When I got home I tried laying down and watching television hoping the pain would subside enough for me to get to sleep. At about 9:45PM I decided that it was just hurting too badly for entirely too long and went to the hospital. As I was sitting in the hospital room waiting for the doctor the pain stopped. I am very glad that it stopped hurting before I was treated because I just can't afford a visit to a doctor right now.

Today was an extremely lazy day. I have lain in bed pretty much all day watching television. At 6:00PM I decided to finally get up and do something; I decided that I would finally burn off some of the stuff eating up my hard drive space and went to CompUSA to buy a stack of DVD+Rs. It seems that I got in the door just in time because they closed at six today. Since I don't have too much cash to spend on DVDs I looked around for the best deal I could find. I ended up finding some Memorex ten disc stacks for, what I thought to be, $6.99 per spindle. After I completed the purchace I realized that the final price was twice what I was expecting to pay. When the cashier and I went over to check the price I noticed that the ten disc spindles were hung under a three pack price tag. Since I didn't feel like wasting anyone's time arguing that they should be placed under the appropriate price. Instead, I returned the three spindles I had just purchased and bought a twenty-five disc spindle which had a $20.00 instant rebate making them $20.00. So, now I have thirty DVD+RWs and five DVD-RWs and a lot more free space on my hard drive.

Since I was freeing up space I decided to see what I could download. I thought about downloading the Cannes screener of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 since it is officially sanctioned by Michael Moore and Lion's Gate studios. Well, maybe not sanctioned but they don't really care nor are they going to track people down that download it. I decided not to download it because I could only find a copy that was acquired through a personal video camera. If I could have found a workprint or something I would have acquired a copy as I really want to see this film.

While looking for a good quality version of Farenheit 9/11 I found the complete Ĉon Flux series available for download. I fully intend to buy the DVD when I have the money but for now I just want to watch it again and if I have to download it to do so, *shrug*, then so be it. After finding this little jewel I decided to do some reading about the animator. Evidently Peter Chung has been busy; I knew that he did a segment of the Animatrix, how could I not?, but I did not realize that he has done a similar project for the recent Chronicles of Riddick movie. The thing that really astounded me is that a live action movie is in pre-production with Charlize Theron cast as Ĉon. Needless to say, I am eagerly anticipating this movie. I really hope they keep the dark overtones and extreme violence that was the heart of the original animations.