Tuesday, 22 June 2004, 22:38:36 EDT

I recently ordered an NEC ND-2500A DVD±RW drive and I must say that I love it. I would like to get a dual layer disc so that I can test if the flash upgrade I did added support for such discs but I have not found any single discs in stores yet; it should work but I don't have any way to test it at the moment. In the mean time, I have five DVD+RWs and am using them to decide how I want to use blank DVDs. Just burning 4.7GB to a disc is simple enough but I also want to be able to compose DVDs that will work in a stand alone player. This task is not so simple. Just doing it by hand with dvdauthor sounds like the best bet. It also sounds like a lot of fun. The only problem is I am going to have to learn how to use Cinelerra to cut up the videos I want to use as menu items and such. But, being able to just burn a so much data to one disc is worth the price.

I also have a question for the audience today: What do you think of my intermittent CD reviews? Do you find them helpful?


I haven't bought a cd in ages, but if I did on a regular basis, they'd be helpful. :)

Posted by William on Wednesday, 23 June 2004, 0:12:56 EDT.

The review of Velvet revolver is making me wanting to go out and buy it when I get paid.

So yeah I'd say they're good.

Posted by Mohsin on Wednesday, 23 June 2004, 10:30:19 EDT.

I actually have thought a lot about your review on the Velvet Revolver CD. I really wanted to buy it but I was afraid that it might be kind of bland. After you said the same thing... now I'm hesitant to buy it...

So yes!

Posted by Jason on Wednesday, 23 June 2004, 10:36:57 EDT.