Friday, 11 June 2004, 11:29:21 EDT

I was sitting in Chick-Fil-A yesterday eating my lunch and watching C-SPAN on the television. They were covering a House meeting where members were alloted time at the podium to remark in some measure about the passing of Ronald Reagan. As I was watching this I started thinking about something that has never made any sense to me. Several of them were talking about how the United States conquered the "evil that is communism" under Reagan's lead. First of all the philosophy of communism is still going strong in places like China and Viet Nam; so, I am sure how it was "conqured." Secondly, why is it evil? Is it evil because the United States didn't think of it first? Is it evil because the United States just deems it so? I think that as a philosophy many aspects of it are quite benevolent and democracy can use them quite effectively. But, it is evil so that is out of the question. Thinking about this took my mind on towards the the practices of the United States in general, particularly recently. It seems to me that the people running this country, it does not matter who or what "side" they are on (left, right, upside down), deem things evil if they contradict random things in the book of the sky-godders. I suppose this comic sums up everything I am trying to say. While it focuses on the current administration and the things that have come to pass in it I believe it is also fairly accurate as to this country's history since the second World War. I very firmly believe that had this nation adhered to George Washington's advice many of these problems would not be upon us today.