Sunday, 06 June 2004, 23:02:55 EDT

I would like to thank two very good friends for keeping me off the road Friday evening. Wolven and Leviathan formed a dynamic duo and drew me away from the car and relieved me of my keys. I had had way too much to drink without even realizing it; that is what I get for drinking whiskey out of a plastic party cup instead of a glass better suited for such things. I don't know why I decided it was time that I leave but I was fairly intent on doing so, although I do believe I willingly handed over the keys. I could be wrong about that I don't really remember. So, thank you Wolven and Leviathan for not letting me a complete dumbass and I apologize if I was a jackass about it.

On a less somber note, I went to XPlayground in Peachtree City for a friend's birthday party Saturday night. It was rather fun; the best part about it was just hanging out with friends and playing some games. The place was pretty much as I expected it to be a big Halo arena. We did try to play some Halo at first but I don't think any of us were able to get in to it. Aside from the game being a lackluster first person shooter it is also on a console and first person shooters just don't work well on a console. After that we played a great deal of other games, mostly on the Playstation 2, and the last of us left out at about 11:15PM.


You're quite welcome, and I've passed your thanks on to Levi. You handed the keys over willingly after we picked up your car, informing you it would be difficult to drive if it could not touch the ground.

P.S. That wasn't a plastic cup. That was the bottle. :_)

We just had to make sure you were all right, and I hope that you'll do the same for me, if the situation ever arises.

Posted by Wolven on Monday, 07 June 2004, 0:49:42 EDT.

I had help with the bottle. I do know I had a majority of it though.

Posted by James Sumners on Monday, 07 June 2004, 8:01:45 EDT.