Wednesday, 02 June 2004, 14:43:37 EDT

If you ever plan to move to the Morrow, Georgia area I do not recommend you choose Windsor Landing. I just tried to pay my rent for June but their credit card line is out again for the third time; well, second time since it was out for two straight months the first time. It seems the last property manager did not pay the DSL bill so the service got cut off. And therein is the reason why I say you should not consider Windsor Landing. There is evidently some shady stuff going on because this is the fourth management in less than a year and the second one in as many months.

Back to the lack of credit card services. So, I went in to pay my rent and dude, being new and someone I have never met before, didn't realize I was there to pay my rent. After establishing that I need to give him money he asked if I was paying with a credit card to which I responded in the affirmative. He proceeded to tell me about the credit card line being out because of the previous management and asked me to come back Friday unless I had a check. I told him that I do not have a check and that the rent would be late on Friday. He said he would "write a note" like he was going to go write it down on a sticky note or something. I put a halt to that bullshit and had him write it on the rent bill; I learned long ago to not let them get away with something like that. As he was writing his note I asked him if there is a form I need to fill out for an intent to vacate; he told me that there is indeed a form but he did not have it at the moment and asked if he could bring it by my apartment later. I said "sure" and took my bill back, note written, and left. Hopefully whatever place I move to next will be better. Third time is a charm right?