Tuesday, 25 May 2004, 22:12:21 EDT

A few weeks ago my mother gave me a paper shredder that she did not want any longer. Last night I cleaned it up and tried to use it. The basket is cracked on the side and the prongs that hold the shredder in place are bent and won't support the shredder any longer. I was going to live with it and try to use it because the shredder stayed in place decently enough to do the job. There was only two problems: 1) the shredder is only a straight-cut shredder and 2) the shredder choked on some of the papers that I really want to be able to shred on a regular basis. So, I went over to Staples after work today and picked out one that suits my needs. I bought Executive Machines' EPS-711X shredder. This thing is awesome. It will shred seven sheets of paper at once and is a cross-cutting shredder. Not only will it shred paper but it will shred credit cards. When I got the device home I immediately set to work shredding papers I had been saving since early 2001. I was shredding paper for about an hour and a half straight and filled the basket four times.

Gnome 2.6 was released a couple of months ago and I have been eagerly anticipating it moving in to the Debian unstable branch so that I can start using it. It has been caught up in Debian's slow approval process, one of the things I like about Debian, but in today's Debian Weekly News it was mentioned that the process of populating unstable with the Gnome tree from experimental is finally taking place. So far only GTK+ 2.4 has been committed but it shouldn't be long now before I am able to use Gnome 2.6. But, now that GTK+ 2.4 is available I should be able to build the latest CVS of beep-multimedia-player and partake of the fixes and general goodness.

One more item that was in the news that might be of some interest to people new to Linux, particularly Debian, is the Debian Anatomy page. Basically it is a wiki that covers the Debian file system, how it is organized and such things as that.


Can I use your paper shredder?

Posted by Jacky on Thursday, 27 May 2004, 9:56:53 EDT.

Sure, bring some paper over and we will have a paper shredding party.

Posted by Jame Sumners on Thursday, 27 May 2004, 10:00:44 EDT.

Can I come? I'll bring snacks.

Posted by William on Thursday, 27 May 2004, 15:51:01 EDT.

Yay! Snacks!

Posted by James Sumners on Thursday, 27 May 2004, 18:15:12 EDT.

I bet my dog can shred more paper faster than your shredder!

Posted by Jason on Monday, 31 May 2004, 13:03:15 EDT.

Maybe. But does he shred it in to an easily cleanable storage bin?

Posted by James Sumners on Monday, 31 May 2004, 13:17:39 EDT.

I think that depends on the size of the bin and whether the dog is placed into the bin before shredding.

Posted by Jay on Tuesday, 01 June 2004, 9:06:36 EDT.