Thursday, 20 May 2004, 22:29:04 EDT

Last September I posted a link to forum thread that is filled with pictures of extremely hot women. I also included a link directly to one of the images that I happened to like a lot. Well, evidently if you go to and do a search for "hot chick" the first result is from this very web site. No big deal there, you can do a lot of searches on Google and get links to the page in the top ten results. Heck, just search for "James Sumners" and the second link hits this page. Anyway, the strange thing is that I am constantly getting emails about this girl from people wanting to track her down. Let me go ahead and spell this out to you people: just because I linked to her image does not mean that I know the girl. Please, quit asking if I know her. If I knew her I would be most happy to tell you.



Posted by x on Tuesday, 29 June 2004, 18:44:09 EDT.