Monday, 17 May 2004, 21:00:35 EDT

Today was my first day working a "normal" work day. For five years I have been working from either mid-afternoon or mid-morning until closing, which used to be 10:30PM but is now 8:30PM. Getting out of work at 5:30PM just might be worth getting up at 7:30AM every morning; although, I am going to have to make that thirty minutes earlier due to my Friday schedule which is 8:00AM until 5:00PM. By the end of the summer I should have a pretty good idea if having all day Friday off, making a three day weekend, is actually better than getting out of work at a decent time. I think getting out of work at a decent time is going to prove to be the better situation. I am just so tired of not having any time during the week to do anything like wash clothes, buy groceries, go to a baseball game, etcetera.

After work today I went over to Target to pick up some things I needed. After getting what I went in for I decided to walk around the store and see if there was anything else that would strike me as worth buying. Nothing really caught my eye until I was walking to a register. At the end of one of the checkout lanes on a bottom shelf was Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here for $9.99. I don't know how my eye caught it but I decided that I needed to expand my growing Pink Floyd collection and bought it. After I got home I immediately ripped it and listened to the rip to be sure everything was good with the resulting Ogg files. Since I had my headphones plugged in I was listening to the album with them. At the beginning of Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part Two) I heard something I had not heard before. It sounded like someone clearing their throat, taking a drag from a cigarette, and exhaling. It was very clear that it was not a part of the song so I believe it to be the producer. If you have the recently remixed version of this album you should give it a listen with some headphones I am sure you will hear it.