Sunday, 16 May 2004, 22:20:39 EDT

Yesterday I went to see Troy with my mother. Overall I liked the movie; they did a good job adapting the book to screen. Brad Pitt played a very good Achilles and Eric Bana did a decent job with Hector, much better than he did with the Hulk. The person that played Priam did an excellent job, particularly when he went to Achilles' tent to ask for Hector's body. Probably my favorite scene in the movie is when Ajax fought Hector. Ajax wielded his war hammer excellently and was just damn cool. I believe it was better than the fight between Achilles and Hector; that is not to say that fight was not awesome, it had to be awesome as that is the pivotol point of the story and it was indeed awesome. I did have a problem with some of it though. After Hector killed Patroclus there should have been a large battle over the body but instead Hector called and end to the fighting. I also didn't like the portrayal of the relationship between Achilles and Triopas. There are a few other things that were off kilter, such as the distorted time frame, but overall this movie was very well done and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Need For Speed Underground 2 will be out this fall and it sounds really bad ass. I particularly like the fact that you will be able to adjust gear ratios and such with the cars. If it is even half as good as Gran Turismo is in that aspect I am going to be able to make some seriously awesome cars. I love being able to tweak a car to drive just like I like it; it helps me play the game a great deal better. And if that isn't enough Midnight Club 3 is in production now and will probably be out around the same time. I am really intrigued about this game because its predecessor was insanely fun (if not frustrating at times). In fact, I have about four more races to beat and I will have beaten Midnight Club 2 twice. I like MC because it is more of an arcade game and is good for some really fast difficult racing. That, and it has motorcylces. Oh man do I love the motorcycles in MC2. These two games will up the count of racing games for my PS2 to seven, provided I don't get any more before they come out.