Friday, 14 May 2004, 22:32:20 EDT

I suck at tennis. Probably the biggest problem is that I am a baseball player at heart. I am sure a lot of that is carrying over in to tennis and totally messing me up. I am sure I was frustrating Jacky with the way I was hitting the balls. I am used to guaging a ball coming at me in the air and then creaming it. So, trying to guage the way a ball is going to bounce and then try to hit it with something that has spring is not very easy. There is a lot more involved than just sizing up the ball and bashing it. Evidently there is a certain basic set of motions that will help you hit a tennis ball correctly and they are not easy to figure out when you are still trying to figure out where the ball is going to go. I am going to figure it out though. While I had my fair share of frustration I had a lot of fun as well. Since I am probably never going to get to play baseball again this will be a good replacement. Both games boil down to a one on one best of competition. In baseball it is the pitcher versus the batter. In tennis it is just the two people on the court. I also think it will be a good form of exercise, and if the soreness I am feeling right now is any indication then I am right, and a fun way to spend an afternoon once a week. Hopefully soon I will figure out how to hit the ball in the court consistently and Jay and I can begin to try and actually play.


Yeah, so far the most difficult thing is placing yourself an appropriate distance from the ball so that you can hit it correctly. The whole motion is like four or five things that all have to be done just right and, for me at least, that is a lot of shit to do while trying to figure out where the ball is going to be by the time it reaches you.
Serving is also a major pain in the ass but I guess we'll deal with that later.

Posted by Jay on Monday, 17 May 2004, 10:54:01 EDT.

I am eager to try out my new racket.

Posted by James on Monday, 17 May 2004, 11:25:32 EDT.

I am eager for my feet to heal.

Posted by Jay on Monday, 17 May 2004, 14:27:10 EDT.