Monday, 10 May 2004, 19:54:37 EDT

My Aunt Leslie and I were talking yesterday at my Mother's house about Linux, basically a continuation of our conversation last Christmas, and she expressed interest in trying it out but does not wish to erase the hard drive in her machine just yet. She wants to get rid of Microsoft software on her computer but she does not want to do so until she is comfortable with something else. I mentioned that Knoppix would be a good way to try it without having to commit to anything. Last night I tried to download the ISO from the Knoppix web site but when I awoke this morning I still had about twenty-four hours left on the download. So, this afternoon I hit up a BitTorrent tracker and got a copy much quicker. I just burned it to a disc using a method I had hitherto not used before. I right clicked the ISO on my desktop and clicked "Write to CD..." That is just too damn easy. I knew that Nautilus, the file manager that I use, had the capability to do so but I had just never thought to use it until now. After using this feature I decided to research it a little more and found out that it is possible to drag files in to a virtual folder and then click the burn button they will be burned to a CD. If you use Linux and Gnome I highly recommend you check out the nautilus-cd-burner packages. It is just plain nifty.


That is really damn cool. I had no idea that feature of nautilus even existed.

Posted by John on Tuesday, 11 May 2004, 11:25:56 EDT.