Monday, 03 May 2004, 19:58:49 EDT

Last night I was going to work on a web page. A web page that really needs to be worked on. But, before I started working I decided I wanted to beat race 102 in Need For Speed: Underground first. It was just going to be a quick race and then on with the code. That was at 7:00PM; at about 8:30PM I had beaten the game, all 112 races. I just got sucked in. I ended up racing online until 11:00PM. I have determined that the racers online are cheaters (literally) and will hit you any time you are in the lead just so that they can win. I find it extremely sad that people have such a burning desire to "win" that they have to employ dirty tactics and even stoop to cheating.

Also, some of you may be interested in a project I have started. You can read about it, and keep up with it, at It probably will not advance very quickly as I intend to work on it when I need a break from other things and am inspired to do so. But, I do intend to finish this as I feel that it will be immensely helpful to many people and is something I want to do.

28 June 2006: Intentions never work.