Thursday, 29 April 2004, 22:40:03 EDT

I just read this post over at Viper's site and I just finished watching the last episode of Band of Brothers. I think it might be the combination of both that made me realize something. I have realized that lately I have been looking forward to Sundays. Just about every Sunday morning I wake up around 10:30AM or 11:00AM and go out to my grandparent's. Usually when I arrive a home cooked lunch is just about ready and it is the best meal I eat every week. After lunch I spend the rest of the day working with my Grandfather around the house. Everything from cutting the grass to fixing farm equipment. I am sure that soon I will be helping him with his garden.

As I sit here typing this I can't fathom what it would be like to live more than thirty to sixty minutes away from my Grandparent's place. Sure, I have stayed in Michigan over the summer many times but it isn't like I was permanently living there. I can't imagine what it would be like to feel like I am obligated to spend time with them.

Sunday is my Grandfather's eighty-first birthday. I am buying him the Band of Brothers DVD set. I think he will enjoy it. The men interviewed for the series remind me of him a great deal.

I look forward to Sundays. They are a welcome change from my day-in day-out repitition. On Sundays I can forget about everything else and just relax. They go by too fast.

I look forward to Sundays.


That's pretty sweet. As long as I can remember I've never had any extended family that I saw on a regular basis. Family to me has always just meant parents. Luckily they're pretty awesome.

Posted by William on Friday, 30 April 2004, 2:10:39 EDT.