Monday, 12 April 2004, 21:56:01 EDT

I am sitting here listening to the Majority Report on Air America Radio through the online stream. I am really digging this radio station; I wish I could listen to it on an actual radio instead of having to use the Helix Player, the new Real Player, to listen online. From what I heard earlier today, you shouldn't rush out and pick up an XM radio to listen to it. Evidently, they preempt some shows with alternate ones. So, if you can not tune in through the AM band you should tune in through the online stream. Don't get me wrong, you should still listen to stations like WSB AM750 so that you can hear different takes on issues. I do think that you get to hear more information on this new station though. They tell you where they got their information, give you web sites, and etcetera. I particularly love how they are working really hard to illustrate how stations like CNN and Fox News only give you the information they want you to hear, the information that benefits them the most. I fully agree with this. If you have ever watched C-Span you will know this (and they do mention that C-Span is worth watching).

I don't know. I guess I am getting old or something. I never really cared about this stuff before but there is just some crap going on lately that is just plain stupid. In order to get news that is actually worth reading I have to read the BBC news page. Why?