Friday, 29 August 2003, 16:29:29 EDT

I have added another section to this site. If you dig Gran Turismo 3 for the Playstation 2 you should check it out.

I woke up this morning and decided that since I will be spending money from my next pay check to buy Soul Calibur 2 for my Gamecube I might as well go ahead and charge it and just pay it off with the money from the pay check. So, that is what I did.


Link is one bad muthafucker. He has bombs, arrows, and his boomerang. I have unlocked an alternate weapon for him; it is called the "Megaton Hammer" and holy shit does it kick ass. If you hit someone in the face with it they definitely get hurt.

I am going to play some more now that I have updated this site. I will clean my room later.