Monday, 12 April 2004, 14:11:50 EDT

This past weekend was pretty good. Thursday I went out to my grandparent's and slept there so that I could wake up Friday and work on my car. My grandfather and I managed to get it in a drivable state so I am no longer driving my grandmother's car. I still need to get the back struts installed correctly but they are not going to fall out any time soon. Jay and I are going to work on that this coming weekend I believe.

Friday evening I went over to an acquaintance's apartment with a friend and had a few drinks. Aside from the Braves loosing a very close game in the fifteenth inning it was a fun night. Just about everyone there was already smashed when we walked in the door. For some reason they all decided that they needed to get me smashed as well. They weren't very successful, having all passed out before I could open an eighth Killian's, so I just got a bit tipsy. After everyone passed out me, Lulu, and some other girl (I don't know how to spell her name) went over to Steak N Shake. We just happened to get the new guy who couldn't even take orders correctly much less get them to the table. After getting my hamburger wrong he came back with a double fixed the way I asked for the single and just completely forgot about my fries. I didn't really care since I got my hamburger but Lulu decided that I had to have my fries as well so she told him about it. Dude brought me the largest plate of fries I have ever seen to make amends for his mistake. Not only could I not finish the burger but I couldn't even finish a quarter of the plate of fries. I was drunk not malnurished.

For some reason Saturday I felt like crap. I don't know why though; I didn't drink too much - just enough to loosen me up. That didn't stop me from shipping my phone back to Virgin Mobile for a refund. I finally just gave up on them and told them to give me my money back. They accepted it a lot easier than I thought they would and just told me to ship the phone with my receipt to a lady in their New Jersey office and I would get my refund. The people at VM were very nice and seemed like they genuinely wanted to help me but if they can not get their carrier to fix a problem after two months of constant baddgering then I just won't give them any business. If you intend to get cellular service I recommend you do not consider Sprint or Virgin Mobile.

Aside from all that I pretty much just spent the weekend relaxing watching television. I should have done many other things such as fix the archives on this site (it is so messed up) or write some more code for the Unreal BotS mod but I just didn't feel like it. It was just nice to lay back and chill for a while.