Wednesday, 31 March 2004, 19:49:32 EST

Okay, I have populated the gallery with some images. It seems that the two pictures I uploded to my test site were not enough to actually lay out the individual albums. I will have to do some more work to it later but for now it is pretty good.


K, I want a copy. :)

One thing that would be nice is the ability to have subcategories.

Posted by William Graves on Thursday, 01 April 2004, 1:59:07 EST.

Yes, but I am not worried about sub-albums. How many times have you seen a photoalbum with multiple books in it?

Also, your web host would have to have 'mogrify' installed.

Posted by James Sumners on Thursday, 01 April 2004, 9:20:09 EST.