Wednesday, 31 March 2004, 18:38:35 EST

Well, today I just didn't feel up to actually working. I was going to go home but we were short staffed today at work so I stayed at work and worked on a gallery for this site. I really should have been finishing up a schedule manager that I am supposed to be working on but I intend to have that done by the end of next week any way and I just didn't feel like looking at it today.

There isn't anything in the gallery as of yet because I need to get all the pictures I have taken from my home machine so that I can look through them and see which ones I had up last time to put them back. I have evidently taken about forty-eight megabytes of pictures since I got my camera so downloading them all from my home machine is taking a while. The third party gallery software I was using stored the information in such a way that I don't want to mess with it. I could write a script to import all the old data but it just isn't worth it. I will actually probably cut out the old "Idiots" section unless there is some sort of interest in seeing it make a come back.

Any way, as soon as I have access to all of my pictures so that I can sort through them I will start populating the gallery. The gallery is pretty slick if you ask me; the script is only forty-one lines with the HTML template coming in at forty-six lines.