Tuesday, 23 March 2004, 0:42:55 EST

I am considering purchasing a domain in my family's name and moving this site there. The problem is, there are evidently more people out there that want a sumners.[tld] than I figured there would be. There is one that the lease is running out on on April 11 but the owner will, more than likely, have at least a fifteen day grace period to renew. When I started thinking about really wanting a separate domain for this site, and anyone else in my family that might want one, I sent the guy an email asking if he would mind transferring the domain to me since he didn't even have a web page up on it. Well, the email bounced back because the address he had listed with the registrar is dead. I then sent an email to the root account on the domain and have yet to receive a response from him. The funny thing about it? He lives in Scottdale, Georgia which is about thirty minutes from my apartment. I suppose I could just drive over and ask him but now he has a web page up (after about two years of nothing). And his name isn't even "Sumners" it is "Sumner" *sigh*. I am willing to bet he got my second email and just ignored it. I may have to resort to a .name tld but I think they are sort of lame (e.g. james@sumners.name) and the registrar I use is no longer registering new .name tlds. Why is this so complicated?