Sunday, 21 March 2004, 16:02:53 EST

Aside from going alone (well, I did meet up with Tsaroth there), the show last night was awesome. Actually, Tsaroth was there so I didn't go completely on my own but the birthday boy didn't go so neither did Jason. There was not quite as many hotties there as I was hoping there would be but it isn't like I would have had the gumption to talk to any of them any way. Speaking of hotties, there was a chick there that is evidently fairly well off who had a body guard. Why would you need to have a body guard at a rave? People are there to dance and have a good time not get in fights. At the end of the show the body guard decided he didn't like some guy standing next to him and got violent - that was just uncalled for. Any way, the music was bangin' and the crowd was lively. There were very few rave kiddies there which was good. I liked the fact that the crowd was mature and not running around like a bunch of tweeked out junkies. I would have pictures for you but I didn't take my camera. I thought about taking it but I am glad that I didn't because the way I dance (badly) it would have been hitting me in the face all night. There was a dude taking pictures who seemed to be with the DJ so maybe I will make it in some of those and will let you know if so. Bad Boy Bill took over the turn tables at about 12:45AM, about ten minutes after I got in the club (traffic was freakin' crazy; half a mile took forty minutes), and would have kept spinning until he ran out of records had the promotors not told him to wind it down at 2:55AM. Atlanta has taken the stance that all the clubs need to close at 3:00AM which is just lame. He did do a quick encore though; and by quick I mean like a two minute encore. Overall I had a blast - you all should have gone.

And now for some seriousness. There is an abby just outside of Conyers. They are falling on hard times because of mounting medical costs. The youngest monk at the abby is forty-five and the older monks are suffering from old age. Even if you are not religious you should toss a little cash their way if you have some to spare. If they can't pay the bills then they will be forced to sell land, which they have quite a lot of. The land they own is in an area that is starting to see heavy growth in the form of the abhorrent sub-division and strip malls. Every time I go by there it is nice to see the monastary keeping the development at bay for at least a bit of the area. Any way, you can read about their problems in the AJC and support them by buying products from their online store.


That really sucks about the monastary. I always loved going there. It is one of the best places to go and relax.

Posted by John on Sunday, 21 March 2004, 16:40:50 EST.