Monday, 08 March 2004, 23:41:36 EST

Just in case you live under a rock I will fill you in. Google is preparing a new look. At first I was skeptical; a few days ago the topic in #web on freenode was something to the effect of "I don't know anyone who has ever looked at Google and said 'this needs more frivolous shit'." I was pretty much in agreement with that statement until I started using the new design. It is a bit slicker and easier on my eyes. Some how it seems to draw my attention to the results more than anything else on the page unless I am looking for the search box or something. You can try it by using the bookmarklet found here.


I agree with what you said about the results standing out more.

Posted by William Graves on Tuesday, 09 March 2004, 0:39:04 EST.