Thursday, 04 March 2004, 19:48:48 EST

Well hot damn Jason finally got his internet connection fixed and posted some new content to his web site. I should download the new Quake III maps he has there and try them out but Unreal Tournament 2003 is calling my name.

My headphones are starting to show their age. I really need some new ones. The problem is is that I want the model up from the ones. While the new pair is now the same price as my current pair was when I bought them they are still too expensive for me right now. My current pair are really showing their age though; the "leatherette" is almost completely gone from the left ear piece and is flaking off more and more on the right piece every day. Who wants to save me from my headphone hell and by me the MDR-V700DJs?

Wolven reminded me today how much I love Green Jellö album Cereal Killer (technically it is a sound track but I just like it for the good Metal that it is). Since I have evidently lost my compact disc somewhere along the way I hit up EBay like a crack fiend and put in a bid on an original copy printed before they were legally require to change the name to Green Jell˙. Hopefully no one will jack the bid up past the $3.99 it currently is in the next six days. I doubt they will because just about no one likes the band and would hardly even dream of buying the CD. Here is to hope against hope.

Also, I have been getting more and more aggitated with the piss poor grammar skills of people who post text to the internet. Damn it people, pick up a book and do some reading. I promise it will do wonders for your spelling and sentence structure. If you have a hard time even spelling your own name without fucking it up please do the rest of us a favor and make your home page and keep it open in a tab or something. I am tired of trying to figure out sentences like this one: "Stripers, no stripers, not to date, not to have a relationship with." What in the holy hell is that supposed to mean? No, the rest of the "paragraph" does not help, it just does not make sense. I know my skills in this area are not the best but at least I make a concientious effort.



If I buy you the headphones, will you buy me a laptop?

Posted by William Graves on Saturday, 06 March 2004, 17:29:36 EST.

I don't see how that is a good trade.

Posted by James Sumners on Saturday, 06 March 2004, 18:45:30 EST.