Thursday, 26 February 2004, 20:21:32 EST

Last night we had a "winter storm." What that means is there are patches, patches, of snow on the ground in random places. Because of this, CCSU closed down for the day and I in effect got an unwanted unpaid day off. Yay! But I did make the most of it by finishing up the new site design and casting an early primary vote (don't ask because I won't tell you).

If you are in the mood to laugh your ass off then read this guy's "Top Ten Worst Things I've Ever Jacked Off To". It is some hilarious stuff.

Also, if you like machinima you need to check out this video. It is simply the best Quake based video I have ever seen.

Oh, and if you are having problems with the comment system not remembering your details - I have absolutely no clue. I hate cookies.