Saturday, 16 August 2003, 19:36:34 EDT

Well, it seems that I am joining some sort of new fangled wave in that I am now turning this page into some kind of "blog". I really hate that damn word - who the fuck came up with such a shitty word for a web based journal. Anyway, I wrote this system myself and I think I will like it. I have it set up to show only five postings on a single page (like the jokes section) and show the newest post first. When it comes time to have an archive section I will implement that.

So, on with the first post...

I decided to give KDE a shot. So far I am still undecided about it; it is definitely better than GNOME in many respects but I do have some issues with it. For one, I can not seem to bind random hotkeys. I absolutely love being able to press "alt + t" for a new xterm or "alt + F1" to play/pause XMMS.

I am still going to give it some time though. I do think that it is a much better desktop environment for Windows refugess than GNOME is. The KDE project is just a step or two ahead of GNOME in user friendliness.

I will keep you posted as I figure out more about KDE.